The  Fees are  calculated according to  the  total number  of  hours per week that  a swimmer signs up  to . These are  paid on a monthly  basis  and to  ensure  safe, efficient and  traceable  payments  they  will  be  taken  through Direct Debit  only.

Please email the treasurer on info@tiger-sharks.co.uk if you should require any further information regarding payments.

Swimming Monthly Fees

1 hour per week


2 hours per week



3 hours per week
4 hours per week


5 hours per week


Family  discount:

10% reduction on the  fees for  second swimmer

15% reduction in the  fees for the  third swimmer    

Club Membership

What is the club membership?

Club Membership

£12.00 Per Year

Swim England Membership

What is the Swim England membership? Allows access to competitions/galas,  registers swimming times from competitions, insurance cover, ability to volunteer in a club.

Cat 1

£17.00 per year

Cat 2

£35.00 per year